Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games

on Oct 25

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Cultural Olympiad Event Collateral

Epic Design worked on contract in-house with the Brand + Creative team on many projects relating to the games, but much of it was for The Cultural Olympiad — a series of multi-disciplinary cultural showcases and events held during the olympics. Many events required signage, e-vites, posters, and a program or catalogue, and had to fit within the previously established design standards.

Challenge: The in-house Brand + Creative team at the olympics was over full capacity in the last few months leading up to the Olympics, so Epic Design was contracted to design and produce a series of 14 bilingual event programs to be distributed live at the events. The challenge was to work along side a writer/editor to design them to fit together as a set with varying needs for content and photos, as well as seeking final approvals internally and from various different theatre companies within tight timelines. This contract quickly grew into a series of evites, posters and other materials required for these shows.

Solution: We worked from a program design template provided by Teena Aujla, who created the Cultural Olympiad brand, and used that as a basis for all design moving forward. By staying extremely organized and efficient, working with subcontractors, and working on-site we were able to meet & exceed expectations for this large workload.

Results: All pieces were designed and printed back in time for each event, to both the great satisfaction of the Cultural Olympiad team and the Brand + Creative team.

About the Visual Arts Catalogue & IKONS Catalogue pictured in the slideshow:
Shown above is the Cultural Olympiad Visual Arts and the Ikons catalogue, designed by Epic Design. The Visual Arts catalogue showcases some of the visual art work displayed during the olympics, sorted by artist. The Ikons catalogue was created to showcase a project commisioned by VANOC. A collaboration between two artists, Eric Metcalfe and George Lewis. Vancouver’s Eric Metcalfe designed and built sculptures that played a composition of acoustic sounds by New York-based trombonist George Lewis. The music responds to the actions of the people around it. This catalogue explains the story and thoughts behind this piece, as well as describes the background behind each artist.

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