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on Oct 24

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Brand Development

The 2007 logo design itself with the ‘Vancouver’ arch was done by an outside agency, but the supporting graphics and graphic system itself was developed by the in-house creative department, which Andi Mortenson was a part of. This development continues indefinitely with the current creative team members. Epic Design continues to work with the Canucks on a contract basis – the most recent project being the event collateral for the Sports Celebrities Festival in November 2011. Team: Lawrence MacDonald – Art Director, Ken Jones – Creative Services Manager, Andi Mortenson, Jenny McCleery, Kim Sissons and Ryan Castle. (Today’s creative team includes Mark Raham, Ryan Castle, Leah Browne, Evan Biswanger and Julie Tran). Challenge: With a new logo and new colours, every piece of collateral connected to the club – internally and externally – had to be redesigned. This included dozens of sub-brands, team and fan events for games, and the Canucks for Kids Fund. This was followed by a company renaming to Canucks Sports & Entertainment, which meant a corporate rebranding and new signage throughout the entire building. As an additional challenge, our photo library of the players was essentially obsolete as we were only approved to use imagery with the new jerseys! Solution: We developed a clean & simple corporate ‘base’ brand to start our first season with the new colours and allow us to redevelop all of our new wordmarks and corporate collateral. This was based on a guaranteed new constant for the club: the new jersey stripes. The concept for our photography choices was the connection between the player & fan. We aimed to pair the youth and fan shots with behind the scenes shots of the players that would serve to tell a story. This is when we launched the slogan “We are all Canucks”. Results: The work our team developed that season served to create a base that is still used today, but continues to grow from season to season. We clearly communicated our new slogan and successfully established the green & blue stripes as our ‘Nike swoosh’. Below is an example of the scope of this rebranding – Andi created a ‘brand tree’ as a starting point for the brand standards manual. The manual went on to describe the slightly varying ‘look’ for each branch with examples for each, along with a description.

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