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on Oct 14

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Following the success of the 2015 Canada Winter Games (CWG), we were asked to design a new logo and brand for the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club (CNSC), one of Canada’s largest Nordic Clubs, based in Prince George, British Columbia. CNSC wanted to capitalize on the brand recognition achieved by the CWG in Northern BC, with a visually aligned identity.


We began by conducting member surveys to discover just what it is to be ‘Caledonian,’ what the club and its members want from their club, and where they see it heading in the future. We also discovered how diverse the club is, in terms of demographics and the services on offer – with programs for young and old, in all seasons. From there, we developed a series of concepts for the client to select from which incorporated some of this newfound knowledge.




The logo is composed of a wordmark with a stylized ‘A.’ The ski tracks are a concept that recurs throughout the brand, symbolizing both the anticipation of discovering something new “around the corner,” and that of leaving an impression–both in snow and with people, creating your own space in the club community.



The secondary mark is the triangular ‘A’ icon from the primary mark, with the club initials below. The secondary mark is designed to be used on merchandise or where it is not possible to use the full logo, such as in small sizes. Over time, this mark will grow in recognition in the local and Nordic community, as will the title ‘Caledonia’ to stand on its own.

Brand Scene

The brand scene evolved throughout the creative process, beginning as a winter scene and gradually incorporating summer activities until a full year was represented. The inclusion of the clubhouse in the background was an important addition, being the common factor for all club members – be they social, high-performance, recreational, summer or winter users. We developed elements, such as the firepit and biathlon range, and used the ski track grooming marks to subtly underline the concept of the ski tracks in the logo, and to create texture.



Letterhead & Business Cards



To Be Caledonian

A Caledonian is an active person, they are fit and a vision of health. Welcoming, warm, caring and with a great sense of humour, they are admired and respected by their peers for their congeniality, unflappability, and ethical behaviour. They approach challenges enthusiastically, but with a measured response- considering all options and choosing the best course of action, not just for themselves but for all involved.

On the trails they are continually striving to better themselves, they are courteous and supportive towards their fellow Caledonians. They respect nature, bathing in the serenity of the forest, awed by the sheer expanse of Northern BC, and humbled by its changeable moods. They are a natural leader, embodying our potential to achieve goals, empathizing with and helping those who need encouragement.

At Caledonia you can find your true self, live amongst friends, old and new, and grow. Caledonia is your third space, you belong to a community. It’s where you go to unwind, to learn, to live, to laugh and to become your better self.

Our competitors will never underestimate us, our excellence in competition will be second to none. A rewarding experience awaits true Caledonians.


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